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The project will spring to life with a 5-acre 2-storey shopping plaza. This centre piece will be flanked by blocks of different types of shops to offer customers unprecedented retail experiences as well as variety and range of goods, services, restaurants and entertainment facilities. In subsequent phases, hundreds of high-quality residential houses will be built to cater to all kinds of tastes and requirements as well as all levels of society.

Three quarters of the ground floor of the shopping plaza will be occupied by a high-performance hypermarket to make available a staggering array of household provisions and food items for families to shop in comfort. Customers will be assured of great value for their money and delighted by chic and modern retail formats which will cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.  

  The residential estate will add 659 houses to the neighbourhood and enhance the vitality and dynamism of the mall.  

An open market will provide a chance for customers to shop in free-flowing natural air, but shaded from the sun and rain.

A food court will beckon customers with the sight and smell of beverages and many local and international favourite dishes.

On the first floor of the plaza, customers will be mesmerized by the offerings of reputable departmental stores as well as elegant specialized / designer stores, restaurants, and more.   

Eighty nine 3-storey shops in several independent blocks, forty two single storey lock-up shops opposite the open market of the shopping complex and a Landscaped Pedestrian Walkway in between two rows of wider frontage shops will add punch and vigour to the commercial centre and attract customers with designer wares of many types to meet different lifestyles.

Parking vehicles will be a whiz for visitors. At street level, nearly 1,550 car parking spaces and 266 motorcycle spaces will be provided. The shopping plaza will provide a basement car park with 350 spaces and surface car park with 265 spaces.




The commercial complex, sizzling with bright lights and energy, will bring shopping, entertainment and other services to the neighbourhood in a classy manner in tandem with the demands of changing lifestyle. The immediate beneficiaries will be residents of a very populous area, encompassing Taman Desa Wira, MJC and Jalan Stephen Yong.

They can do their shopping and socializing with convenience and style.Many local, national and international businesses will want to establish a foothold in the area. Shops in the area will be a premium investment.

Details of shops are available on request.



Following hot on the hills of the commercial complex, residential houses of a wide range will be built. These will cater to all requirements and budgets. There will be affordable ones, luxurious ones, as well as those in between. Architectural design will be cutting edge and building materials will be trendy and of the finest quality. Many people will want to relocate to the new neighbourhood. It will be a place to live a good life. It will be a place to be seen in.

The residential estate will add 659 houses to the neighbourhood and enhance the vitality and dynamism of the mall.

Details of the residential houses can be made available on request.




All illustrations, perspective and plans incorporated in this website are artist impressions only. All impressions, areas and specifications indicated in this website are approximately only.

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